Simple and Powerful

Designed for the average home user, tweaked and 100% compatible with Arch Linux.


Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency with Liya, a cutting-edge Linux distribution that combines the power of Arch Linux's rolling release with the elegance of the Cinnamon desktop environment. Designed for users who demand a lightning-fast computing experience, Liya optimizes system resources to deliver rapid boot times, instantaneous application launches, and smooth multitasking.


Say goodbye to sluggish performance – Liya is finely tuned, which ensures that your desktop remains snappy and responsive even during intensive tasks. Harness the power of Arch's package management and bleeding-edge software updates, all while enjoying the sleek and user-friendly Cinnamon interface.


Liya isn't just about speed; it's also about control. Customize your environment with ease, choosing from a vast array of software packages available in the Arch repositories. Whether you're a casual user or a seasoned Linux enthusiast, Liya empowers you to create your perfect computing environment without compromise.

What Do I Get With Liya?

Obviously you get basic applications like calculator, games and what not, but what else? 

Office Suite

We have OnlyOffice as our default office suite, as it looks similar to Microsoft Office and aims to be 100% compatible with MS Office.


In a world of increasing digital threats, a VPN like ProtonVPN becomes crucial to maintain confidentiality and anonymity while browsing the internet.


Firewalls are crucial for network security. They help safeguard sensitive data and maintain the integrity of networks, reducing the risk of breaches and ensuring a safer digital environment for individuals. Liya has UFW Installed and enabled by default

Driver Manager

No more hassle of downloading and installing Proprietary drivers, we have a driver manager which allows you to install drivers in a click of a finger.

App Store

Rather than going to the app's website and downloading the app, we have included a graphical app store which helps us get package management done quickly and easily.

Torrenting Client

With Deluge, users can manage their torrent downloads efficiently while benefiting from its flexibility and extensibility through plugins.


Hmm, How Does Liya Look?

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